JPRO Research & Consulting offers a full complement of research services, ranging from study design, development and validation of data collection tools, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and reporting of research results. With expertise in mixed methods research, we offer research design solutions that incorporate both quantitative and qualitative approaches or either one as required.

This includes:

  • Survey design, administration, and analysis
  • Scale development and validation
  • Interview guide development for interviews and focus groups
  • Conduct of interviews/focus groups and data analysis

JPRO Research & Consulting also offers scoping, literature, and systematic review services, adhering to accepted methodologies ensuring methodological rigour.


JPRO Research & Consulting offers program evaluation services. Specifically, we offer:

  • Evaluation planning
  • Evaluation framework identification/development
  • Logic modelling
  • Data collection and analysis, including document reviews, environmental scans, use of quantitative approaches, interviews, focus groups, stakeholder consultations
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Presentation of evaluation results to team members, key stakeholders, or others
  • Final evaluation report, including executive summary and data visualizations

As a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society, Dr. Prorok ensures she is continually adding to her evaluation skillset. Recently, she completed a course in Rapid Impact Evaluation.

Knowledge Translation

Effective Knowledge Translation (KT) activities ensure that your research findings reach the knowledge users in an accessible and user-friendly way that is meaningful to them. JPRO Research & Consulting offers development of KT plans as well as implementation and evaluation of KT activities. This includes:

  • Identifying knowledge users
  • Engagement of knowledge users and project partners
  • Identifying the intended impact of the KT activities
  • Development of KT tools, including visualizations
  • Measurement of intended impacts and evaluation of KT activities

JPRO Research & Consulting conducts integrated KT and end-of-grant KT activities.